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Originally posted by CodeGreen:. G View Profile View Posts. Originally posted by STFU:. Check your ego buddy. Originally posted by Pigeon:. Pyrimidal View Profile View Posts. Originally posted by Shahneel:. Originally posted by Silverstrike:. Players sharing a lobby will have their skill group displayed at all times. New players will not immediately have a skill group because it hasn't been calibrated yet.

A skill group will be assigned to a new player after they have won ten games.

When new players play their first game, we have no idea what their skill level is. As they play more games, we use those wins and losses to make predictions about what skill group we think they should be in. The more games they play, the more confident the system is in predicting who the other players are that they should be playing against.

Winning 10 games gives us enough data to confidently place new players in a skill group where we think they'll be matched up with others of the same skill level. If a player has taken an extended break from the game, their skill group may not be visible until it has been recalibrated after one win. If one or more members of your recent competitive parties were permanently banned for cheating, your competitive wins and skill group may have been adjusted to reflect this. GO skill groups are calculated and adjusted automatically and cannot be modified.

Another reason your skill group may no longer be visible is because of inactivity. If you have taken an extended break from Competitive matchmaking we are less confident in where you fit into the current skill groups. If you previously had a skill group and it no longer shows, you'll need to win one Competitive match to have your skill group reassessed and issued.

The matchmaking system will take your lower-skilled friend into consideration when finding a match. And you are super elite if you reach top Faceit level 8 can say to global that he is shit - and yea - comparing to him they are shit BUT first of all - you should not compare yourself to the worse people in skill and second - what are MGs, Gold Novas and Silvers then? Absolute fucking cockroaches or what? Don't worry, I understood what your point was about, but ofc people on this sub reddit will always look at it in a different light.

The funny thing is I consider his elo to equal the shit skill he blames the players in the video for. He is correct in that globals are a joke though but they haven't really changed much since ranks were introduced, they might aim better now but they still make truly basic mistakes because matchmaking promotes horrible habits with the playerpool only having unintelligent players and a tickrate that exaggerates how easy it is to wideswing like an idiot.

But both are services you have to pay for. Its ludicrous you pay for the game and have to pay for 3rd party as well just to get high level matchmaking. You're just not understanding how the bell curve works. Global Elite in FaceIT is like level in terms of skill level. That's not even halfway to the highest level in FaceIT.

That should put it into perspective for you how bad regular Global Elites actually are. Anyone can get to Global Elite by playing a ton and getting lucky with teams and just doing stupid pushes etc. If you got a certain level of aim, you can get away with anything in matchmaking. Global is propably around level in faceit, and most players are playing beneath that level. Been a global for 3 years now and faceit level 9 after games, had to level up from level 3. Theres no way that level is the average GE.


Thats propably what these ranks tell themselves to feel better. Global is not around level rofl. I'm a fairly average global player and I struggle against level 6 and above. I sit pretty comfortably at level That's not true, the average Global is definitely lvl 6. Out of my friend list: Then how did I get to global easily several times and struggle to get higher than level 5?

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I'm not the kind of player that carries games, but still. You talk like you haven't been there yourself.

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GE is obviously very wide. You can have people who really are super good at the game and would be much higher ranked if there were more ranks, and then you have people barely scraping by. And I'd say the average of those people is level Like I said, I myself am a very average GE.

I don't stomp them, but they don't stomp me either. These are both elo systems so you can't really compare one to another.. I'm level 9 now and MM still feels harder than this. Yeah mm feels harder because people do stupid unpredictable shit all the time, because they suck.

For you it's easy to say a level 6 is a bot when you're level 9, and thus you might think he's LEM. I can say the same for people lower level than me and think they're DMG, but usually I'm wrong. I didnt have a Problem to 30 bomb everygame when I was Level 4, but on global its not that common. Most people I met on the way to Level 8 also werent global either.

The state of Global Elites in Matchmaking : GlobalOffensive

In the end, matchmaking is more-or-less the casual option for people to play CS, and any serious attempt to get good at the game is usually done on third party services. The absolute bottom tier Globals might be , other than that not really. There are lots of legitimately good players in Global, they're just higher up there. Well your regular global is around I myself was like a level 4 player when I first hit global, since I was stuck in level 4 for a while.

Yeah but you should have a brain too right?

Scream Global Elite rank up game

Like I said, they can do the most stupid shit and get away with it because they have slightly better aim. The core of the game is still to shoot the face of your opponents. People in global elite aren't bad.

Welcome to Reddit,

There are better players than them for sure, but there are also many, many worse players than them. The bell curve of player distribution talks about player skill relative to other players, it does not describe absolute skill, and being high on that curve does not mean you are a skilled player. I bet you've taken 0 statistics classes in your life, at least I fucking hope you haven't when you're making comments like that, so zip it. You're a moron who thinks having more ranks would solve how wide the tails of the bell curve are.

You should take a minute to think before you type random stupid comments. Nowhere did I post I said having more ranks would solve anything, you're putting up a strawman you fucking brainlet. I'd say GE has changed past 3 years and the skill required to achieve GE has dropped drastically, we all know why. I think getting GE is harder than before. Players have access to tons of guides and workshop maps nowadays to practice optimally. I'd say that people who think like you are just players with more experience and you only get more experience as time goes on, so newer GE's may look less skilled in comparison.

Depends on what "before" is. A while ago Valve adjusted the ranks so top ranks are not as filled. Getting GE then was stupidly easy, so when compared to that, GE now is much harder to get. At least try to write something constructive like why you think that it's easier than before instead of low key insulting me.

Yes it changed the past 3 years Did you ever reach global?

Want to add to the discussion?

You talk like you haven't been there yourself. Showing 1 - 15 of 49 comments. Btw if amyone is going to say you are low: How is my competitive skill group different than my profile rank? Its ludicrous you pay for the game and have to pay for 3rd party as well just to get high level matchmaking. Example from this video - having 5 mid is bad because you're literally giving up space on the map for them to take from you. This video could easily be done in way it wouldn't be condescending.

Or even play 3 years ago? Harsh criticism isn't flaming.

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If you need everything negative said to you sugarcoated then you're the problem. Telling for 10 minutes "they are so fucking bad" is not criticism. As I said I enjoyed first 4 min because he was harsh but right. But then it got old really fast.