Im dating my brother yahoo

I’m sexually attracted to my brother?

Ive even caught him staring at me before i was surprised at first but brushed it off i mean could you imagine the hormones he has being a 20 year old virgin.

But i got me thinking and thought maybe i could let him do me? I can't really hook him up with any of my girlfriends because im a few years older and well girls don't really like dating younger guys. I know he feels bad about getting to that 'loser' 20 year old virgin state and i could also help him build confidence with the experience he's getting.

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It would only be a few times to help him out and i wouldn't mind: Do you think this may help him out he's just so shy he can hardly look any of my friends in the eye when they come over and i know if he wasn't a virgin he would be more confident in himself. I know it's weird but you guys see where i'm coming from right?

I am just trying to help him out.


My broter is a year older then me and the same thing happened. Am i falling in love with my brother? It started when my 54 year old female and talking and i m 25 and my page will get bored! He had started writing a bunch of short stories as well but finished halfway through and never worked up the encouragement to finish them. Why do teenage girls cry so much?

I really love the guy and it hurt to see him sad thinking no one will ever want him. Are you sure that you want to delete this answer? That's kind of disgusting he's your brother.

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He's fears are ridiculous he's needs a girlfriend who respects him. Relationships are about trust.

If you do something stupid like that, it will be part of your history and you will regret doing it one day, it may effect your relationship with your brother for the rest of your life or unwanted pregnancy. Related Questions Please help me help my brother? Help stains period brother help!?

I'm dating my step brother?

Maybe he had just become interested in girls for the first time in his life and really wanted to gain a girlfriend after waiting so many years. At this point in time as I write this, I am only 14 years old and have never had sex with a girl.

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I usually never see her around other girls. You may have joined the cult of sick minds on here but you have to prove your worth with your first victim.

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My mind racing, I suddenly realized that I had stumbled onto the website of thousands and thousands of rapists. A hidden website, concealed by a fuzzy page that redirected you into your worst horrors. In a way the only question I could ask was, Why would Shawn have a username on a website like this? What had he DONE? The biggest sense of dread overcame my body as I took the mouse and scrolled over his username. I realized that by clicking on it it would take me to his online profile and show me anything and everything that he had participated on on this website from the very moment he had become a member a year prior.

It showed his list of questions answered and asked from the very beginning and progressively got more up to date as you scrolled. My stomach stayed queasy as I kept scrolling.

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Normally I'd say yes, it's very weird. But under your circumstances you guys just had a crap luck and happened to meet via your parents dating. Then again, date another boy, and you'll quickly see your brother only If he is your true brother then its called incese,this is a no no im afraid.

My heart flew up into my chest and I was cut short of breath. I struggled to compose myself as I hurriedly clicked back on his profile page and found the last thing he had posted himself before his death. The question that ran frequent laps around my mind in the moment leading up to it was, What had he done?

Had he seriously gone through with it? Had the guilt taken him after the event? Would I know this girl who he may have hurt, would she be as close as right down the street, or missing, possibly dead?

I'm dating my brother

Was he keeping a darker secret than anyone knew? I wanted to just throw the laptop back at my parents and call the police but doing my own research made me feel so empowered, something that I would live with the rest of my life, now that I truly knew my brother. And so I clicked. After a week of sitting and composing my first sexual encounter and what I wanted it to be like, who I wanted it to be with, etc.

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Should i help my brother?

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